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Dr. Xavier Zasadny

Oncologist Radiotherapist, Polyclinique of Limoges, France

"I have been using Moovcare® since September.
Registering patients to Moovcare® is very fast, which is very appreciable.
When I talk to my patients about Moovcare®, I tell them that it will improve the follow-up, and they like it a lot! I’m explaining to them that it can help limit the number of CT Scans, that it will be in parallel to the classic follow up, and that it will simplify everything. They are really looking for this kind of thing.
They communicate better thanks to Moovcare®, it allows them to share more info with me. They are all satisfied!
Moovcare® changes for sure the nature of the medical visit. I usually open Moovcare® at the beginning of the medical visit, in front of my patient, so we can have a look at it together.  It allows me to anticipate the visit, and ask more questions than before, since thanks to Moovcare® I am saving time. Moovcare® helps me improve the content of the visit, and make the most of it."